Should I work with a headhunter exclusively?

When an organization is required to urgently fill a position, they often contact multiple recruitment agencies. However, this solution rarely optimizes their recruitment process. The best course of action to find potential candidates that are qualified and match your corporate culture is to work exclusively with a headhunter or recruitment agency. By opting for a single partner to meet your recruitment needs, you can be assured of their dedication and focus. In this article, we explore the benefits of working with a headhunter exclusively.

What does exclusivity mean?

Working with exclusivity means collaborating with a single recruiter, rather than two or many, to optimize your recruitment needs on an exclusive basis over a pre-agreed period. This kind of business relationship can ensure that the recruiter is well versed in your company’s culture and understands its requirements. Such knowledge increases the chances of them finding the correct individual to fill a particular position.

This type collaboration involves the following:

  • The recruiter will compile a full brief, and decide what will work for you, what won’t, and why.
  • You will get more than just a submitted CV when you receive a brief on prospects. You will learn more about their background, what they’re searching for, why they’re looking for work, and whether they’d be a good fit.
  • A set plan, timetable, and metrics will continuously update your job search status.
  • You will receive input on the hiring process, requirements, and market. Most companies are aware of what they do, and a skilled recruiter is aware of what the market does. In such a partnership, honesty is crucial. You should begin by establishing reasonable goals.
  • Ultimately, you save time and money and get the best employee for your company. 

What does exclusivity allow?

Generally speaking, working exclusively with a headhunter and an executive recruiter increases your chances of filling a position. The reason for this is that, in such a relationship, there is a greater chance of accountability and a better sense of partnership. In the end, exclusivity benefits both recruiters and their clients.

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Why is working exclusively better for recruiters?

Corporate recruiters are aware that time is money. They therefore select the tasks they believe is the best use of their time and provides a good return. Clients that engage with 4 or 5 different recruiters usually don’t have the time to provide each of them with the same comprehensive brief. 

As a result, the recruiter must make do with a basic grasp of the organization, the vacant position, the ideal applicant, or even just the job description. This drastically decreases the probability of the recruiter filling the position with the ideal candidate. Add to that the reality that they would have to compete with 4 or 5 other recruiters in the same market for the same talent. 

To ‘win’ this competition, it’s conceivable that some may submit applicants before even briefing them. Corners would be cut and quality compromised and you might end up putting the position on hold. After all, an employee who previously worked for the client might reapply, or the job responsibilities could change. Or you might put a freeze on the hiring process, due to lost contracts. In this situation, recruiting hedges your bets with little likelihood of financial gain and a lot of wasted effort.

Also, in order to fill one position, you might have to take on 5 times as many applicants. Speaking with 50 candidates for each job, of whom 5 are invited for interviews, leaves you with 245 to contact again and explain your decision not to invite them. It is additional time spent, and nobody is being compensated for it. Do you believe a recruiter would labor through the night or on the weekend to find you that elusive A+ prospect, without guaranteed compensation? 

What are the advantages of exclusivity?

Ultimately, your dissatisfaction with recruiters might be due to their inability to provide results and save you time and money. This would, in turn, cause you to revert to your own complicated in-house recruitment system which would force you to spend hours sorting through irrelevant CVs.

If, on the other hand, you hire a recruiter to do your sifting for you, you can devote your time to running your business. The only energy you would end up spending in the process would go towards interviewing candidates that the recruiter has shortlisted. Below are some more reasons why you should work exclusively with a single recruiter.

A focused search

Working exclusively with a recruiter will ensure that your search is focused. You will have more time to devote to consultations with the recruiter, during the course of which you can both develop a streamlined strategy to seek out hard-to-find A-list candidates to fill the position in question.

On the other hand, working with many recruiters at once can lead to an unfocused, even scatterbrained approach to recruiting that could result in attracting many unqualified candidates to the role and causing needless delays in the hiring process.

Greater accountability

Exclusivity can ensure greater accountability. By hiring a single recruiter, you stand to build a relationship with them. This, in turn, can lead to the development of mutual trust and openness and, eventually, accountability.

Quality services

In short, exclusivity enables you to ensure that there is quality all-around. Working with a single headhunter may take more time at first, but by the time the interviews begin, you will come to realize that it is time well spent. 

You save time

The type of candidate you’re looking for may have a standard description, but every headhunter you contact may read it differently. You’ll need more time to explain, screen out, and eliminate applicants. Working with a single recruiter can help you cut down on the time spent sorting out applicants.

Better representation of your company

Working with a single recruiter can give a boost to your company’s image and reputation. This, in turn, can make you an attractive employer for the highest-quality candidates. As a result, through exclusivity, you stand a better chance of attracting the right candidates for the advertised position than by working with many recruiters.

Full commitment

Even when the hiring process becomes challenging, exclusive recruiters will give your project their best and produce the promised outcomes. After all, exclusivity allows them to devote more time to planning, screening, interviewing, and other activities. This is especially true when working with remote candidates.

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Headhunter services

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