What is an employment agency?

What is an employment agency?

Pourquoi travailler avec une agence de placement ?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of recruiting companies that take your money, never find you employees, and just disappear. But what about good agencies? The recruitment agency that helps you find quality employees in a few days?

Working with a recruiting agency can benefit you because it takes the headache out of finding new talent.

Our recruitment agency guarantees you qualified employees according to your criteria. We do the puzzle for you, so you can focus on your other tasks.

We know where to look for qualified candidates. We have contacts in all areas, so we know who is available. Our recruiters will go through your top picks until you find the rough diamond. Working with our recruiting agency means never having to go through incompetent candidates.

Qu'est-ce qu'une agence de placement

What is placement?

Many companies do not have the time or resources to manage their human resources on their own. They then turn to recruitment agencies, which recruit talent with the necessary skills and experience that both clients and job seekers need.

How to find a dream job with an employment agency?

By sending your curriculum vitae to our recruitment firm, you will have access to a database of jobs throughout Quebec suited to your requests. Discover permanent, contractual, temporary positions and much more … The first step is to send us your CV.

Spartanium for businesses

Are you an insurance, legal or accounting company? Our agency specializes in recruiting employees for you. Find qualified employees quickly thanks to our agency.