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Looking for a Job in Construction in Quebec?

Looking for a new job is more difficult than one might think, especially in recent years. For many candidates, the quantity of offers and positions makes the search very long: why not save time with professional services of a construction placement agency? 

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Spartanium is a specialized recruitment agency that acts as a coordinator between companies that have positions to fill and qualified job seekers. No matter what type of position you are looking for, your level of experience and whether you are looking for part time or full time, we can find the perfect job for you quickly! 

Do not hesitate to consult our job offers in the construction field!

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Can't Find the Perfect Job?

Can’t find your dream job among our current openings? Don’t worry, we can still help you. We have a vast network of contacts across the province who can find employers and the position that fits your needs. All you have to do is send your resume, Spartanium takes care of the rest!

Are you a Construction Employer?

Do you have a job to fill for your various work sites? Are you having trouble finding temporary or permanent staff to complete your team, or do you simply lack the resources to find qualified workers? Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s never easy to find the right people, for the right jobs and at the right time! 

With a labor crisis that has been going on for the past few years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for human resources to find the right candidates in addition to their daily tasks. Spartanium can take a weight off your HR’s shoulders by taking over the search and hiring of personnel. You only have to provide the information of the position to be filled and Spartanium will take care of the prospection through its bank of qualified candidates, in addition to posting it on its website.

Post Your Various Job Openings

Our placement services can help an employer find the perfect employees, regardless of the type of position, the length of the contract and the desired schedule. Are you looking for the best candidates for highly specialized positions or for superintendents or management positions? Spartanium also offers headhunting services to companies.

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Why Choose Spartanium Placement Agency?

Spartanium offers job seekers quality placement in the type of position they are looking for! We take into consideration the experience required, job requirements, whether a specific skill is needed and the area to find the perfect employees or construction jobs. We offer positions such as:

  • Construction Project Manager;
  • Trade helper or laborer;
  • Land Surveyor;
  • Bricklayer;
  • Carpenter;
  • Construction foreman;
  • Electrician;

And many other positions in dynamic companies throughout Quebec! All positions found on a construction site, skilled trades as well as entry-level positions, are available through Spartanium.

Whether you are a mature or growing company, whatever your needs, our recruitment agency can find the perfect position. Spartanium offers you the perfect position for your employee profile, both for permanent construction jobs and temporary employees.

Looking for a job based on your experience, interests and specific area can be time consuming without the right tools. Spartanium takes care of the job search management for you, so you can focus on other things. When we find a position with a dynamic team in your area, job alerts will be sent to you! 

We can find positions on construction sites throughout Quebec

  • Clients across Quebec: From Sept-Îles to Gatineau
  • A database of 25,000 candidates 
  • Over 2500 interviews conducted each year
  • Over 200 talents hired per year 
  • A 91% retention rate

Why Choose a Career in Construction?

Over the past decade, the demand for workers to build new buildings, homes, and infrastructure such as roads and bridges has been steadily increasing, even during economic downturns. 

Construction workers are in high demand in all areas of the construction industry throughout the year. More projects are starting, but with an aging population, Quebec is losing more workers than it is gaining, especially in the construction industry.

Employers are looking for people to replace the tens of thousands of late career construction workers who will be leaving in the next few years. This is the perfect opportunity to look for work, whether you have extensive training or little experience.  

Competitive wages are always attractive! Construction is one of the fastest growing fields, and that’s not likely to change with the high demand for skilled workers. With attractive salaries come great working conditions and the opportunity to choose from different employers.

The construction field will never go away, and is not likely to slow down in Quebec. This makes it an excellent career choice for young workers who want to grow in a company that is in full expansion. Spending several years in a well-established company allows you to learn and work alongside experienced workers on a regular basis in many different settings. Climbing the ladder to management positions is possible for everyone!