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What Is a Placement Agency?

A placement agency or recruitment firm is a company mandated by businesses to recruit temporary or permanent employees. The main objective is to act as an intermediate between employers and job seekers.

Questions from Businesses

A placement agency recruits the best candidates for you and acts as an intermediary between employers and job seekers. A placement agency selects candidates according to your current needs. The goal is to make your life easier, by handling all the steps. We make the hiring process easier, as well as the follow-up of the employees.

Working with a recruitment agency can be beneficial to you as it takes away the headache of finding new talents. Indeed, Spartanium guarantees qualified employees, based on your specifications. Take the burden of recruiting off your shoulders and let our staff review your top choices to find the perfect fit.  Working with our placement agency means never having to deal with incompetent candidates.

Our rates vary between 15-25% of the candidate’s total annual compensation depending on the position to be filled

For most of our agreements, we do not have exclusivity.

We have a team of experienced human resources consultants who are experts in your field. Spartanium does not have generalists but only specialists in your field.  

To date, our fastest permanent placement of a representative of a professional order has been completed in 46 hours, so that gives you an idea.

Spartanium uses advanced technologies and a lot of automation and a dynamic CRM to facilitate the matching of candidates to adequate positions. 

No! Spartanium offers a complete service, meaning that we do not only provide you with a list of new prospects, but we proceed to a complete process with a rigorous methodology, using interviews, an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s resume and references, a compatibility analysis with the company’s culture and more.

No! This is actually a thing of the past. Today, with the current manpower crisis, our recruitment services extend to businesses of all sizes! There is no size requirement to use the services of an agency like Spartanium.

Questions from Candidates

Yes, our services are free for job seekers. We do not take any amount from your salary at any time.

A placement agency or recruitment firm is a company mandated by companies to recruit temporary or permanent employees. It acts as an intermediate in the hiring process.

A placement agency is a private company whose main purpose is to act as an intermediate between employers and job seekers. An employment assistance center is an organization where counsellors assist you in your job search and make you an expert in job search (help in writing a resume or cover letter, training on search tools, interview preparation, etc.). 

No, Spartanium is exclusively recruiting in Quebec and Ontario. 

Although we love our job, you are not tied in any way to the recruiter you met or Spartanium. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring you into the country and promise you a job. You must have a valid Canadian work permit to get a job through Spartanium. 

If a position is listed, it means that we are still interested in receiving applications. Do not hesitate to send us your resume!

Yes! If you are approached by a recruitment agency, they will make sure to find a position that suits your skills and personality. A headhunter analyzes the compatibility of a person with the culture of a company. You can be certain that you will find the right match.