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It is increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified and motivated personnel to fill key positions, and this in most fields! Headhunters are an excellent solution to find the best executives and professionals to help your company grow and develop to its full potential. 

For several years, Spartanium recruitment agency has specialized in the search of candidates to fill high level positions in Saint-Georges. Promote your business growth with Spartanium headhunting services!

Spartanium recruitment agency: the #1 headhunter in Saint-Georges

Spartanium positions itself as the perfect alternative for companies whose human resources are overwhelmed or struggling to recruit the necessary talent. Dealing with our headhunters, takes the pressure of recruiting quality candidates off your shoulders and allows them to focus on your business and its growth.

Why choose Spartanium?

Finding the right candidate for a specific position is a complicated task that requires expertise in many areas, the best tools and the time to do it. Spartanium offers you all three!

We have the search capabilities to find the perfect candidate to fill your executive and management vacancies. With our network of candidates and our database search tools, we are able to target exceptional candidates and approach them quickly, discreetly and in a personalized manner. Our headhunting services offer you: 

  1. Superior online visibility, especially on social media, to promote your company and recruit for its positions
  2. In-depth knowledge of the current job market in Quebec, the needs of potential candidates as well as their specific issues

Executive, intermediate and professional recruitment in Saint-Georges

Let’s face it: traditional or conventional approaches to recruiting talent are no longer as effective as they once were. It is rare to find the ideal candidate through a traditional RFP process, and the level of applicants rarely matches your needs. Rather than compromising on the quality of your employees, let Spartanium recruit for you. 


Directors, managers and owners of companies, whether they are large firms or SMEs, trust headhunters to fill their needs. Many of our clients find candidates for multiple positions in their companies through Spartanium’s services, and are very successful.

Discover Spartanium's business partners

Because each company is different, we propose you solutions to measure, adapted to your organizational, cultural and economic stakes, in a constant objective of added value, performance and synergy with the teams in place.

Many companies here have recruited the ideal candidates for their positions and are experiencing excellent growth! Find out more about our partner companies that benefit from the recruitment services of our headhunters.

Full service recruitment for your company

Spartanium’s headhunting service does not stop at finding potential candidates for your vacancies: it is a complete service that ensures you only meet the best!

We approach candidates in a personalized, professional and respectful manner

The workers we approach for you are experienced people who expect a unique and personalized approach. At Spartanium, we don’t send mass emails, we approach specific candidates with an offer that fits their needs and objectives.

Our headhunters have years of experience and will present the position and your company in a professional manner. We make sure to highlight the attractions of the position, its challenges and opportunities rather than the salary, leaving you in a good position. Choose a service that will represent your company and its culture well!

We make sure the candidate is perfect for your company

At Spartanium, we strongly believe that a rigorous recruitment methodology will find the best candidates for your company. That’s why we ensure a complete quality process and confirm that the candidate is ideal using tools such as

  • Candidate interviews
  • Resume analysis and reference tracking
  • Compatibility analysis with your corporate culture
  • State-of-the-art artificial intelligence

We also determine if their goals and ambitions are aligned with those of your company, to recommend a worker who will be happy with your company for years to come!

Spartanium's headhunters activity sectors

Programming and Technology

The technology and information sector is now essential to many businesses, and the digital sphere is growing all the time. Find the best IT talent to add to your team here.


Let Spartanium find you the most promising candidates in the insurance field. We’ll find you the best candidates in IT, OHS Bonding, P&C Insurance, Accounting, Tax, Administration, Underwriting and more!

Engineering and Industrial

Find the qualified and specialized workforce you need to complete your projects with our headhunting service. Spartanium will find you the employees who will bring you in the industrial era 4.0 

Transportation and Logistics

Let Spartanium find you the most promising candidates in the transport and logistics sector.


In a sector where risk management and expertise are essential, don’t compromise: let Spartanium find the most competent candidates for your executive positions.

Take advantage of a headhunter in Saint-Georges today

We work closely with you to recruit the talent you need to maximize business growth.

Providing exceptional service is always our goal, and we want to leave our partners satisfied with their candidates. If you do not retain the employee within 90 days of hire, we will find another candidate that meets your requirements at no additional cost.


Contact Spartanium today

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, or want to learn more about how our headhunting services can help your business! Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the right talent for the best possible growth.

Learn more about headhunters

A headhunter, or headhunting agency, is a professional who helps companies find high-potential candidates and talent to fill executive and management positions. Simply put, headhunters take charge of recruiting candidates in the marketplace to fill the executive needs of companies. Once they have found the candidates, the headhunter may handle the entire hiring process, or part of it. Some headhunters may take over certain steps while others simply pass on the most promising resumes to the hiring company.

Since they specialize in high-level positions, a high level of knowledge of the job market and effective prospecting tools are required. Each mandate with a company is unique, and the candidate sought must meet specific requirements, making the search exhaustive. Many elements must be considered to determine if a candidate is the best option, which is why leaving this process in the hands of professionals is a guarantee of quality!

Executive positions are essential to any company from a strategic point of view, as they are the ones who make the important decisions and plan the future of the organization. The ideal candidate will be determined by elements such as the company itself, the industry in which it operates and its strategic plan. A good headhunter must first understand the recruitment needs of his client.

They can then approach potential candidates through different methods, but always with a personalized approach that is representative of your company. That it is through our network of existing contacts, by contacting qualified individuals by telephone or through activities of networking, the headhunters Spartanium will always know the rare pearl!

In the past, the majority of headhunters’ clients were large companies looking to fill executive or senior management positions. Nowadays, and especially with the current labour crisis, these services are extending to small and medium-sized companies of all sizes! These companies often operate in specific sectors where employees need specific skills and experience, which can be harder to find.