How to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters

Do you wish to enhance your LinkedIn profile? Empower your job search with the following LinkedIn profile tips.

19 ways to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to employers

1. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s customizable URL feature

Make your LinkedIn profile appeal to more potential employers with a quick and simple fix. A customized URL address replaces the alphanumeric jargon of common profile URLs with a series of characters chosen by the user. Using this feature, you can put your name and other keywords in your URL, giving it an eye-catching flair and personality. 

2. Capture a professional look with your profile picture

A picture of you at a social event or holding a big fish you caught might be fun to show around on Facebook, but LinkedIn is another kind of social media platform. Your profile photo will be the first impression you give to prospective employers.

An essential feature of an attractive LinkedIn profile is a professional profile picture. The way you look on your LinkedIn profile picture should portray the way you would look at a job interview and reflect your aptitude as a professional. You should consider investing in getting a professional headshot to impress potential employers.  

3. Add a background photo to your profile

The background image of a LinkedIn page can also be customized. While not nearly as important as a profile picture, this extra piece of visual allows you to share content that grabs people’s attention. Using your background picture, you can contextualize your goals as a professional and make your profile more enticing. 

4. Don’t limit yourself to a restrictive job role

A job is more than a title and a set of tasks to complete. All potential candidates for a job can claim to be able to perform their profession, but only those who give it meaning stand out from the crowd. You can use the headline of your LinkedIn profile page to give employers functional insights about who you are, what you do, and what keeps you motivated. If your profile is assertive and inspiring, recruiters will have you in higher consideration.

5. Give prospective employers an insight into your personality

At the end of the day, an employer is a person looking for another person to join their team. Certain LinkedIn profile sections, such as the summary, provide you with the opportunity to add a human touch to your profile. By showing a bit of your human side, you’re giving recruiters a glimpse of what it must be like to work with you. If you offer your services as a freelancer, self-employed individual, or contractor, then your LinkedIn summary can also serve as a functional tool to include calls to action. 

6. Implement functional keywords

Keywords fulfill several purposes. To begin with, they resonate with the intent of the reader, letting employers know they have come across the right person. Keywords also serve a digital marketing purpose, as they “tell” search engines that the content of a page is relevant to visitors. Furthermore, you can use keywords to add an element of consistency to your profile.

7. Avoid unoriginal buzzwords

In an effort to up their chances of landing good job opportunities, many people make the mistake of filling their LinkedIn profiles with meaningless and excessive buzzwords. As a rule of thumb, the words you use to describe yourself and your abilities should be precise and go straight to the point, without meandering on adjectives. 

8. Show quantifiable measures of success

You must show prospective employers why they should keep you on speed dial. Businesses want to hire people who give satisfactory results, and a good track record is a good sign of a brilliant worker. Without evidence to back them up, your claims of expertise hold no water to prospective employers.

9. Make sure to always use proper spelling and grammar

As obvious as it may seem, spelling and grammar mistakes can seriously harm the appeal of a LinkedIn profile. Whenever you update your profile, make sure to proofread everything. Beyond being intrusive, spelling mistakes show that a person has very poor attention to detail. Because this is a really easy mistake to avoid, there is no reason not to take an extra second to check on your spelling. 

10. Showcase your experience and skills

Let employers know where your aptitudes lie by using LinkedIn’s skill list to find your own. A collection of relevant skills displayed next to your headline and summary will give cohesion to your profile. In addition, it will help other LinkedIn users recommend you as a worker. A jack of all trades is a master of none, so make sure to showcase your core skills and do not clutter the list with less pertinent ones.

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11. Take skill assessment tests

Skill assessment tests are special assignments on LinkedIn that allow users to certify their level of skill with industry-standard tools and processes. For example, a graphic designer can take a test to show prospective employers that they are proficient in Photoshop and other design software. According to research performed by LinkedIn, completing skill assessment tests can increase someone’s chances of getting hired by around 30% (source).

12. Start growing your professional network

Sometimes it is not who you are, but who you know, and LinkedIn makes it easy to begin forming professional connections in any field. By syncing your LinkedIn profile to your email address book, the social network features of LinkedIn can help you find your professional contacts on the platform. Connecting with people is an extremely effective method of finding new job opportunities. 

13. Get involved in groups relevant to your field

You can expand your horizons on LinkedIn by joining and participating in groups. There is a good chance that the industry you belong to (or wish to belong to) corresponds on a regular basis to these groups, making it an ideal place to look for new job openings. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking where spamming job requests and posting low-value content is not well-regarded. 

14. Share relevant content

LinkedIn users who take an active role on the platform are more likely to be noticed. The best way to periodically show yourself on LinkedIn is to share content that adds value to your contact’s experience with the app. 

You can share your passion for your field of expertise by sharing engaging and interesting content about key industry themes. Likewise, you can use information about your current position to show your expertise. Case studies, white papers, and brand content related to your work can show employers and other LinkedIn users that you’re an authority in your field.

15. Use publications to expand your outreach

The publication section allows users of LinkedIn to become the center of attention by publishing innovative thought-leadership content. The publication section can also be useful to link company blog posts, eBooks, white papers, or other documents an individual may have created. Not only are these assets tangible representations of expertise, but they also allow employers to experience the quality of someone’s work.

16. Create an interesting LinkedIn summary

The summary portion of your online resume should tell the story of your professional journey. A surprising number of people neglect this part of their profile, wasting the chance of letting prospective employers know the relationship between their skills and life experience. You should write your LinkedIn summary with the effort and diligence it takes to write a cover letter.

17. Add comments to your shared content

Adding comments to the informative content you share on LinkedIn will give you further protagonism within the platform’s ecosystem. Commenting allows you to express your points of view and observations about meaningful content. In addition, your comments can be used to transform the context of the shared material, serving as counterpoints or extra information. 

If you’re able to express yourself well, that skill will empower you to share more content. Whenever you post a comment on the Internet, you are sharing your thoughts with the whole world, so remember to always keep a civil and friendly online discourse.

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18. Start following industry-relevant influencers

Not only is following influencers from your field a great way to discover new engaging and informative content, but it also brings you closer to other potential employers. Influencers reach out to a large audience that includes people from all demographics, from amateurs to accomplished executives. Influences allow you to share the same online experiences as your future employers and help you demonstrate your passion. 

19. Write long-form content

Long-form content is a great medium to spark conversations on LinkedIn. This type of content allows you to establish your expert credentials on the platform and is a natural step to take for an accomplished individual who wishes to stand out on LinkedIn. By monitoring responses, one can find reassurance in the success of their work or new points of view to challenge and synthesize. 

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