Steps to Create a Truly Inclusive Work Culture

Inclusive work culture

In today’s global economy, businesses are becoming increasingly diverse, and maintaining an inclusive workforce is becoming very important. As a result, companies are having to change the way they do things to make sure everyone feels included, integrating diversity policies into their business plans. This includes creating a welcoming environment for all employees, regardless of […]

Why is it important to keep employees happy?

Pourquoi est-il important d’avoir des employés heureux

Creating a healthy and happy work environment is key to running a successful business. After all, happy employees are often motivated to excel and produce quality work. In order to achieve a company culture that is guided by happiness, it is important for management to look beyond process and profit, and adopt an outlook that […]

How to improve employee engagement in the workplace

Comment améliorer l'engagement des employés

Employees are the lifeblood of a company. After all, they are the ones who are responsible for a business’s growth and success. This is why it’s important to hire employees who are passionate about what they do and engaged in the workplace. Employee engagement in the workplace depends on inner motivation and work environment.  Without […]

Is there a labor shortage in Canada?

Pénurie main-d'œuvre Canada

In the second quarter of 2022, numerous industries in Canada are experiencing labor shortages, despite historically low unemployment rates, with restaurants and hotels continuing to be among the hardest hit. The majority of Canadian businesses in other sectors — more than two-thirds (64%) of those in the lodging and food services industry — have stated […]

5 expert tips for starting a new career

Conseils pour débuter une nouvelle carrière

Changing careers is a daunting prospect. Whether you have decided to finally pursue the career of your dreams or life has pushed you in a new direction, knowing how to navigate this new chapter in your life can be difficult. Thankfully, with this difficulty comes excitement as this new chapter brings with it an abundance […]

Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

Pourquoi faire appel à une agence de recrutement pour trouver un emploi

Looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself. The process can involve sending out multiple applications, attending job fairs and networking among other things. In other words, spending a great deal of time and money that might end up getting you nowhere or getting you a job with a salary that’s far […]

How to reduce high employee turnover

Réduire le taux de rotation du personnel

The key to running a successful business is motivated and loyal employees. No matter how much effort you put into your company as a business owner, if your employees don’t perform as they should, it is going to harm the growth of your business.  In order for your employees to be productive and be happy […]

How to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters

Comment rendre votre profil LinkedIn attrayant pour les employeurs

Do you wish to enhance your LinkedIn profile? Empower your job search with the following LinkedIn profile tips. 19 ways to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to employers 1. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s customizable URL feature Make your LinkedIn profile appeal to more potential employers with a quick and simple fix. A customized URL address […]

Can future employers check your social media accounts?

Employeurs réseaux sociaux

When looking for a new job, everyone hopes to leave a good first impression on a potential boss. This involves a lot of work, from refining your CV to practicing all of your interview questions. However, there is one area that is often overlooked by potential employees, which is their social media activity.  Social media […]

Pre-employment checklist

Pre-employment checklist

For security reasons, the vast majority of companies carry out some type of background check during their hiring process. While they can range from just verifying that the resume and details are accurate, they can also be more extensive (criminal records, contact with former employers, etc.). The higher the position, the more in-depth background checks […]